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Removing Hair from Carpet

How to Remove Hair from Carpet

There are pet owners who marvel that long after their beloved dog or cat has crossed over "the Rainbow Bridge", they are still finding the hair they left behind on the carpet. Hopefully, your pet will be with you for many years to come, even if that does mean you'll be involved in the challenge of keeping your carpets as free of hair as possible. While there are times when dogs and cats shed more often, such as when seasons change or during heat waves, this is a daily project. But lest you be overwhelmed, it is highly recommended by carpet care professionals as well as fellow pet guardians that you schedule professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year. Two ideal times are spring turning into summer, and autumn into winter.


But meanwhile, you can turn to these tried and true cleaning carpet methods:



How do you get Dog Hair out of Carpet?

One of the most direct approaches calls for an item you probably have in your kitchen right now, perhaps under the sink - a good old rubber glove. Just slip it on, and go over the carpet with your hand. It will create friction which will bring the hair to the surface so you can just pick it up and discard it. Although you're probably less likely to have these around the house, you can also use a balloon or a squeegee.



Rubber Boom for Hair on Carpet

There are several brooms on the market that have soft rubber bristles that are used dry, agitate and loosen fur and hair embedded in carpets so that anything left behind by the bristles can be vacuumed up. Carpet rakes work in the same manner.



Specially Designed Vacuums

Speaking of vacuuming up animal hair, several brands make models that use powerful suction to remove hair and dirt from carpet piles as well as furniture, and bonus - they empty with the touch of a button.



Hair Carpet Rake

Of course, no list of pet hair removal tips would be complete without the obvious one. Catch the hair before it hits the carpet by grooming your pet daily. A simple brush or comb will do, as well as a wearable grooming mitt. And if your pet will permit it, you can use a shedding tool that not only removes loose hairs but thins out the underlying undercoat that poses a problem in certain breeds like German Shepherds and Himalayan cats. Brushing daily also stimulates the dog’s skin and distributes the oils that produce a shiny coat, giving you not only a happy comfortable pet but a beautiful one as well.


To get more carpet tips, contact Tile Town Carpet One or visit our showrooms in Dewitt, Liverpool, and Auburn, NY. 

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