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Karastan Carpet

Karastan Carpet

Having a luxurious carpet or rug in your home is easily achieved with Karastan. Karastan is a leading flooring brand based in the United States. Founded in 1926, it’s one of the oldest flooring manufacturers in the country and still going strong today. Tile Town Carpet One Floor & Home is your local Karastan carpet dealer. We carry a wide range of beautiful products, and our experienced staff can help you choose the perfect floor for your home or commercial project.



Why Choose Karastan

Karastan is known for using high-quality, sustainable fibers and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Similar to handmade rugs, each product’s fibers are woven behind the backing of the carpet or rug to create a longer-lasting and more durable result. This is opposed to most carpets in the industry, which are tufted, a process that’s cheaper and faster to apply. In this case, the fibers are punched through the backing and secured with an adhesive, rather than woven. Karastan fibers are also tightly twisted together to create a more defined look and stronger protection against stains, matting, and wear. The weave also stops dirt and dust from moving deep into the fibers and causing mold and mildew growth, along with exacerbating allergies and compromising your indoor air quality.


Karastan carpets and rugs also come in a wide range of stylish designs, and their long-lasting beauty makes them a top pick for homeowners. The brand’s area rugs are influenced by art, traditions, and life throughout the modern world, resulting in sophisticated, beautiful, and timeless pieces. Karastan’s designers travel the globe to find inspiration that leads to fresh, unique, and refined styles.


Additionally, Karastan wool rugs are made from sustainable fibers, and the company also creates products using recycled materials. They also work to manufacture their merchandise using eco-friendly methods. As a bonus, Karastan products use premium materials and are designed to last, which reduces waste in the long-run.


Karastan Carpet and Rugs provide luxurious looks to your home. Whether you’re just looking for an area rug for your dining room or a soft texture for your living room, there are options to fit your personal style. If you want the best Karastan carpet prices, Tile Town Carpet One Floor & Home is the place to go. Beyond Karastan, we also carry other beautiful carpet flooring brands, along with gorgeous hard surfaces. Contact us today, or visit one of our showroom locations in Dewitt, Liverpool, or Auburn, NY.

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