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Hydrotek™ Waterproof Hardwood

Have you always loved the way genuine hardwood makes a space feel cozy, charming, and elegant all at the same time? While you may appreciate hardwood for its look and feel, what you may not know is that hardwood isn’t ideal for every area of your home. Because it is a living product, hardwood expands and contracts and doesn’t do well in areas like kitchens where there is a high level of moisture. Fortunately, today, there is a product that captures the beautiful characteristics of solid wood while also giving you the option to install it in areas like kitchens, laundry rooms, and mudrooms. At Tile Town Carpet One Floor & Home, we carry Hydrotek™ waterproof hardwood – an innovative product that has all of the benefits of the look of hardwood with added features of durability, strength, and waterproof construction. Not only will you fall in love with the genuine look of this brand (because Hydrotek™ is authentic wood), but you’ll love the easy maintenance and versatility!



Hydrotek™ Styles

If you thought you were set on a specific wood species of solid hardwood floors, don’t fret! Hydrotek™ comes in many styles to suit your space. There are white oak, red oak, ash, maple, hickory, and more species available. Plus, you can even find different tones and stains in each species! 



Hydrotek™ Features

A truly waterproof hardwood floor, Hydrotek™ is a new product that gives you the ability to install it in areas where traditional hardwood cannot be installed. In addition to being waterproof, Hydrotek™ is also scratch and dent resistant, so if you have pets or kids, or a busy lifestyle, Hydrotek™ could benefit your home. You can also trust that this exciting flooring won’t stain easily, meaning that your wine or coffee spills are not a problem! 


Hydrotek™ is a waterproof hardwood that has features to save you time and maintenance. With the many benefits, it’s an excellent choice for almost any home. Stop by our showroom in Hackensack, NJ, or give us a call today to learn more about Hydrotek™! 

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