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Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Best Window Treatments

At Tile Town Carpet One  in Syracuse, NY, we are more than just the go-to store for flooring. We are a fully stocked home store, selling everything from closets to window treatments and cabinets! One of our favorite categories is window treatments, and we carry affordable, decorative and user-friendly Hunter Douglas brand window treatments in many colors and styles. Window treatments are coverings that are often made from fabric or other materials. The window treatments will influence the purpose a window has in a room. For example, window treatments can be used to increase, filter or block light. Often, window treatments are referenced by two different categories: hard and soft.



Types of Window Treatments

Hard window treatments are both useful and provide great decor. Common window treatment types include cellular shades, roller shades, shutters and blinds. They are often made from a durable material like plastic since they are useful and strong tools that influence light and noise levels.



Custom Window Treatments

Soft window treatments are usually more decorative and stylish elements. While they do still have the ability to open and close like hard windows treatments, they are not as industrial. Soft window treatments get their name from the sewn fabric they are made of.

Window treatments, hard or soft, are great enhancements to a room for decorative purposes or as problem-solvers! Looking for new window treatment ideas or more inspiration? Come visit our Tile Town Carpet One showrooms in Liverpool, Dewitt, and Auburn, NY and we can take you through our Hunter Douglas product selection.