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Carpet Flooring in New York

Carpet continues to be a popular flooring option. Its unmatched color and styles intrigue us, and its ability to add softness and comfort to any room is undeniable. Modern technology has made carpet more resistant to everyday wear and tear, so it can be installed in more areas of your home.


At Tile Town Carpet One Floor & Home, we carry a variety of carpet options to suit your space. Our sales pros can help you find the best carpet for your home based on your lifestyle and your budget.




Carpet Types

Carpet features characteristics that should all be considered when flooring your home or office. This includes the carpet’s wear-resistance. There are stain-resistant options made for homes with active families, as well as carpets that protect your floors from spills and water-related accidents. We offer five types of carpet: level loop, patterned, textured frieze, and plush options. Carpet pile can be natural or synthetic. Each type of carpet pile has strengths and unique traits.


Nylon is a popular synthetic fiber that's known for its soft, sturdy textures and vivid colors. Nylon can be a considerable investment, but it's made for long, beautiful life.


Polyester is another popular synthetic that looks and feels like nylon. It's an affordable option that's improved in recent years.


Olefin is a synthetic fiber designed to appeal to those seeking high-end colors and sturdy, Berber-style weaves. It's exceptionally durable and robust.


Triexta is a heavy-duty synthetic fiber made to manage the harshest types of stains. Consider a triexta carpet if you have pets or kids at home.


Wool is a beloved natural carpet fiber that's pricey but perfect. It's exceptionally soft, warm, and sturdy. It naturally resists moisture and odors.


Wool is one of the few natural fibers used for carpet on the market today. While most other fibers are synthetic, they don’t have the same features as wool. If you’re looking for a green carpet option, consider wool carpet. It’s considered an eco-friendly choice because it is a renewable fiber, is completely biodegradable and recyclable. It is also one of the softest options. Wool carpets are unique and can improve the energy efficiency in your home. It exudes warmth, so in the winter, your heat won’t turn on as often. Wool carpet also keeps the heat below the floor in the summer, rather than allowing balmy air to rise in the room.


Your carpet's construction is just as important as the threads weaving it together.


Cut-pile carpeting is woven with its fibers attached to the base: its pile is then trimmed into loops of varying lengths.


Loop-pile carpeting is woven similarly, but its looped endings are left intact for a smooth and tidy surface.


Cut-loop carpeting is a combination of both cut-pile and loop pile.


Protecting your carpet with a carpet padding will provide safety above the surface and below. Just like the way a canvas backing provides area rugs with durability and protect the floor they cover; carpet cushion increases your floor’s lifespan.


When you are buying a new phone, including the case is second nature, but a phone case does a remarkably similar job for your phone that carpet padding does for carpet. Without a phone case, you need to be a little extra cautious, but adding one will take the worry out of your day. How do you choose the right one for the carpet you’ve picked? First come the material options and the most common carpet cushion materials are rubber, fiber, and foam. Tip: thinner, denser cushion is the best option to absorb footsteps in high traffic areas.




Carpet Installation

With today’s technology changing the way carpet performs, carpet can be installed in throughout your home. Living rooms, bedrooms, dens, formal dining rooms, and playrooms are examples of where carpet is ideal. Wear and stain-resistant carpets can also be installed in hallways, staircases, basements, and areas where there is heavy foot traffic or a high likelihood of accidents.



Extending Your Carpet’s Life

Have you recently installed new carpet and want it to last? The moment that your carpet is exposed to sunlight, it begins to fade. The good news is that you can keep it from fading further and even reverse some of its pigment loss with a little TLC.


Purchasing heavy drapes or blinds can help limit sun exposure when you’re not at home. Before leaving for work or other activities, close your blinds. Another option is getting treatments for your windows that better block ultraviolet rays. You can also periodically apply a fluorocarbon protector to your carpet so that you have one more trick in your bag.


Be sure to keep possible contaminants away from your carpet, including bleach, medical creams, and even some carpet cleaners. Applying a saltwater cleaner to your carpet can reverse fading and damages. Simply mix hot water and table salt, then apply with a damp cloth.  Once your carpet is dry, vacuum up the salt. You should notice that some of your original carpet color returns. Stains happen when you have children, grandchildren, or pets around. Don’t panic, just soak up spills using a paper towel, then add cool water to the spot. A wet vacuum can also be used.


Protecting your carpet with carpet cushion will provide safety above the surface and below. Just like the way a canvas backing provides area rugs with durability and protection, carpet cushion increases your carpet’s lifespan.

How do you choose the right cushion one for the carpet you’ve picked? The most common carpet cushion materials are rubber, fiber, and foam. Tip: thinner, denser cushion is the best option to absorb footsteps in high traffic areas.



Our Carpet Selection

We have the best selection of carpet brands. Our seasoned professionals are educated and can help you choose the best flooring for your home. We’ll help you compare styles as well as features and benefits of each to determine the best option for your space. We can even advise you on vacuums and carpet upkeep! Please stop by one of our showrooms to see what we have in-store today.




Learn More About Carpet

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Caring for Carpet

We’re proud to offer carpet cleaning, including a process that doesn’t require water. With our Resista® cleaning products, we can make your life easier.