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Allergy Friendly Flooring

What is the Best Allergy Friendly Flooring?

Allergies can make the simple act of breathing a painful, irritating chore. While allergy medicine can help, mitigating the source of allergens is always a more long-term solution. When it comes to deciding on new flooring material, alleviating allergy symptoms is often a high priority for homeowners.



Carpet vs. Hardwood Allergies

Regular vacuuming alone is usually not enough to pull allergens out of the carpet. It’s no secret that most carpets retain allergens. So when the time comes to install a new flooring material, hardwood is often the preferred choice.


Carpet flooring also harbors dust mites, which are responsible for many allergic responses. Whether you are sensitive to dust, dander, pollen, or mold, your old carpet will likely hold on to the allergens and cause uncomfortable symptoms in your home.


Hardwood provides a more suitable flooring surface for most allergen-sensitive individuals. However, the benefits don’t come without commitment. You’ll need to sweep or vacuum regularly to keep dust and pet dander from collecting and recirculating into the environment.



Anti Allergy Flooring

Since most hardwood flooring provides a less allergen-prone environment for homeowners, its popularity translates to a wide variety of materials and price ranges in today’s market. The type of wood that is best for any homeowner’s unique situation is often determined by budget and application considerations. Those on a limited budget might find laminate flooring to be more appropriate than authentic hardwood. Laminates provide the hypoallergenic qualities of hardwood without the price tag.



Laminate Flooring for Allergy Sufferers

When it comes to laminate flooring, allergy experts suggest focusing on a flooring option with low Parabolic Aluminized Reflectors (VOCs) since many VOCs can exacerbate or even cause an allergic reaction in sensitive respiratory passageways.


If you determine that hardwood is an option, select your floors based on personal preferences in style, color, and overall aesthetics. Most hardwood doesn’t harbor allergens, but the coatings you elect to treat them can cause a reaction in sensitive individuals. When selecting a floor coating, be sure to consider the time you have available to ventilate your home after treatment, application methods, and dry time.


Bamboo flooring is another option to consider for its hypoallergenic qualities, environmental sustainability, and contemporary beauty.


Comparing your flooring options is essential when trying to mitigate the effects of environmental allergens. By considering all options, you can enhance your home’s beauty and reduce discomfort from allergic responses.

To learn more about our allergy-friendly flooring, contact Tile Town Carpet One or visit our showrooms in Auburn, Liverpool, and Dewitt, NY. 

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