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Soft Surface Flooring has overcome a lot of obstacles over the years. Before, carpet was known as difficult, prone to stains, and non-reliable. However, names like LEES, Massland, and Karastan are changing the conversation about soft surface floors. Though many homeowners love the comfort of a rug or carpet, some have turned their heads to the floors due to the maintenance. Yet, what many don’t realize is the advancement in carpet and rug fibers, which have not only created a longer lasting floor but much easier maintenance. Additionally, at our Tile & Carpet Town Carpet One store, we have a wide range of soft surface styles, textures, patters, and brands. No longer are you limited to just a bland yarn carpet that stains easily. Whether you are looking for a traditional patterned rug, or a soft wool carpet, we have the styles and brands that will fit your home and your budget.

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Carpet Tips & Tricks

  • Carpet Fading: One the greatest challenges you’ll face in keeping your carpet in the best condition is preventing carpet fading. 

  • Carpet Padding: Protecting your carpet with a carpet cushion will provide safety above the surface and below. 

Top Rated Carpet Brands

  • Stainmaster: Stands up to everyday wear and tear.

  • Karastan Carpets & Rugs: Luxurious colors and even softer textures

  • Tigressa Carpets: Learn about the resilient and luxurious carpet collections
  • Lees: Lees Flooring provides the toughest carpet able. Learn how

  • LEES Carpet: Lees products are made using the best techniques and are manufactured using the best fibers.