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Karastan Carpet

Having a luxurious carpet or rug in your home is easily achieved with Karastan. Karastan is known as the pristine carpet brand, or the best of the best. Known for its sustainable fibers and craftsmanship, Karastan’s beauty and unique features make it a top pick for homeowners.

Karastan’s Carpet and Rug collections are creates with quality backings, strong carpet fibers, and high densities. In addition, Karastan Carpet and Rugs have a variety of luxurious colors and styles to choose from with incredible craftsmanship. Depending on your home décor, you can choose from woven or tufted constructions.

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Karastan’s most notable feature is its high pile yarn and closeness of weaves. Karastan carpet and rug fibers are tightly twisted together. This creates a more defined look and stronger protection against stains, matting, and wear. Also, these tightly woven fibers will stop dirt and dust from falling deep into the carpet, which can cause indoor allergies.

Karastan Carpet and Rugs provide luxurious looks to your home. Whether you are just looking for an area rug for your dining room or a soft texture for your living room, there are options to fit your personal style.

Karastan Carpets & Rugs

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