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Top Hardwood Flooring Brands

Tile and carpet is in our name, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have other flooring options available at our Tile & Carpet Town Carpet One store. Many homeowners desire hardwood floors due to their timeless look and ability to conform to any style. 

With LVT floors becoming more popular for their ability to mimic real hardwood, you may be trying to decide whether investing in hardwood is the right choice. Seeing that hardwood has the highest resale value, your home is only benefiting by investing in a hardwood floor. If it is durability you are worried about, hardwood brands such as Invincible, Armstrong, and Rustic River provide tough hardwood collections and protective sealants to sustain the look of your hardwood floors longer. 

In order to decide which hardwood brand is right for your home, read more about the benefits to Invincible Hardwood, Armstrong Hardwood, and Rustic River Hardwood below. 

Most Durable Hardwood Floors

Invincible Hardwood

Invincible Hardwood is known for its resistance to scratches, scuffs, and wear. If every area of your home is a high traffic area due to pets and kids, then the Invincible Intensity Surface Sheild will protect your floors for years. Along with its strong surface, Invincible hardwood also offers visual clarity with its True-Grain sealant. While protecting your hardwood floor, the True-Grain sealant also enhances the color, detailing, and grain of the wood. With Invincible hardwood, you are able to enjoy your hardwood floors even in a busy home. 

Hand Scraped Hardwood

Rustic River Hardwood

Rustic River Hardwood offers gorgeous hand scraped hardwood floors made in the US. The bold textures, classic colors, and unique styles make it a standout among other brands. Each piece provides a unique shade variation and scrape level, which is scored and compared to the other Rustic River hardwood features so you are able to determine which style will fit your home best.  The craftsmanship of Rustic River Hardwood tells a story in each board. If you are looking for a rustic floor for your home, with unique features, then Rustic River Hardwood is your brand. 

Wood Flooring Design Ideas


Armstrong is typically a known brand name due to its wide selection of flooring options. Besides hardwood, Armstrong also offers laminate, vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, LVT, and linoleum. However, looking at Armstrong Hardwood, you will find elegant and warm looks. With a variety of finishes, colors, and species available, you aren’t short on options. If you envision a specific look for your home, Armstrong Hardwood will most likely have the floor to tie it together. 

To learn more about hardwood floors, including the Armstrong, Invincible, and Rustic River hardwood brands, contact Tile & Carpet Town Carpet One today. Or, visit our showrooms in Dewitt, Liverpool, and Auburn, NY