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What is the best humidity level for hardwood floors?

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What is the Best Humidity Level for Hardwood Floors?

Wood flooring is an attractive part of any home, but it also comes with specific challenges and complications. When you live in a humid environment, your hardwood may soak up the moisture in the air. The result of excessive humidity is gradual damage from the swelling and shrinking that occurs at different points in the year. The moisture causes the wood to swell up and then it shrinks down after it dries. 

Does Hardwood Floors Expand in Winter?

Humid, or moist, environments cause swelling in your hardwood floors. Depending on the installation process and the amount of space between the boards, the excess moisture may cause the wood flooring to warp and change over time.

Why is my Hardwood Floor Buckling?

Although excessive humidity may harm your floors, dry environments also cause complications. Too little moisture causes the wood to dry out and shrink. Over time, it may cause the wood to become brittle and develop bothersome squeaks or sounds. Excessively dry air may also result in gaps in your wood and flooring.

Best Flooring for High Humidity

Keeping your wood flooring in excellent condition starts with the installation process. Proper installation requires acclimatizing the wood to the environment before installing the material. By preparing the wood for the environment in your home, you reduce shrinkage and swelling to reduce the risk of warping, gaps or brittle wood.

Selecting a stable wood also helps reduce the risks by limiting the amount of shrinking or warping. Compare different wood materials before selecting a flooring material for your home. Work with professionals to ensure that the wood has a low risk of complications based on the environment and the local humidity levels.

Humidifier Hardwood Floors

Maintaining the environmental conditions may also reduce the impact of excessive moisture or limited moisture in the air. Use a humidifier in the winter to limit excessively dry air or turn on the air conditioning unit in the summer to reduce the amount of moisture. Follow through with environmental factors to keep the humidity in your home to a reasonable level.

Wood flooring adds an attractive element to the property, but only when you take measures to limit the complications associated with humidity. Keep your environment stable and work with professionals to install the floors with a limited risk of warping or shrinking.

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