Dining Room Floors

Armstong Hardwood & Rustic River Hardwood

Top Dining Room Flooring Options

Your home is a reflection of you, your family, and your personal style. Each room in your home represents a different purpose. For instance, your dining room represents togetherness. Whether you use your dining room every night, or just for special occasions, it should make a lasting impression on guests and family members. Even if your dining room décor is on trend, a worn out floor will be the only thing standing out. At Tile & Carpet Town Carpet One we offer various hardwood flooring options to create a timeless look in your dining room.

Hardwood flooring for your dining room, and throughout the rest of your home, will increase the value of your home, hardwood has the highest resale value out of any other flooring options.  In addition, hardwood flooring comes in a variety of styles, colors, textures, finishes, and species to match your dining room décor. Below are our top hardwood flooring options.

Rustic River Hardwood

Having a unique dining room floor is easily accomplished with Rustic River Hardwood. Known for its bold textures, traditional colors, and captivating styles, Rustic River Hardwood stands out from the crowd.  Each hardwood plank is hand-scraped and tells a story. The professional craftsman creates various textures to choose from, so you are able to decide how unique you want your hardwood floor to be.  Additionally, Rustic River provides a Total Character Rating so you can easily find the hardwood floor you desire. This Total Character Rating is based on the Shade Variation and Scrape Level of each style.

Rustic River Hardwood is more than just a flooring option, for it provides warmth and personality to a room.

Armstrong Hardwood

Armstrong Hardwood offers a variety of styles, finishes, and installation options to fit your personal taste. Armstrong Hardwood is incredibly durable and offers 2x the protection against dents, gouges, scratches, and scuffs. In addition, Armstrong Hardwood is designed with quality and value in mind. It’s lasting beauty, craftsmanship, strength, and Lifetime Finish, makes it a standout. If you consider your dining room to be a high traffic area, Armstrong Hardwood is your solution to maintain a long lasting hardwood floor that won’t be affected by the everyday wear.

Having a hardwood floor in your dining room guarantees you will have floor worth showing off for years. Although Rustic River Hardwood and Armstrong Hardwood are just two of our available hardwood brands, you can learn more about our hardwood flooring options by contacting. Or, visit our Tile & Carpet Town Carpet One showrooms in Dewitt, Liverpool, and Auburn, NY.

We continue to provide hardwood flooring to the areas of Syracuse, Liverpool, and Auburn, NY.